More than just an art class.

Weekly Backyard Group Classes

Backyard class in action

Private Backyard Art Classes

Summer: June 21 - September 3
Monday-Friday, 4:00pm or later

Our teachers will come to you and lead a weekly 1-hour class for your children and their friends at your home, indoors or out.

  • Group classes must have at least 4 students, with a maximum of 12.
  • Classes for 1-3 students are considered a private lessons. Click here to learn more about our Private Lessons.
  • Book a minimum of 6 weeks at a time.
  • Cost is $240 per person for a 6-week class. Young at Art will bill each participant.
  • Classes available for ages 2-adult. Ages 2-4 must have a caregiver present. See Parent-child Classes below.
  • Groups can be mixed-age or the same age.
  • Our teachers will develop lesson plans and projects based on the ages and interests of the participants.
  • The teacher will bring all the necessary supplies.

No one-time classes: We are not booking one-time classes, only classes that run on a weekly basis. If you are looking for a one-time event, consider booking a party. Visit our birthday party page.

Email Jen at or call 914-723-9229 to book a class or learn more about our private group class options.

Portrait in clay

Booking a Class

You can book a class at any time, with any start date, as long as our teachers have availability. You must book at least 6-weeks of classes at time. We do not do one-time classes.

Email Jen at to book a class.

We need the following information before we can book classes:

  • Location of class
  • Preferred day and time
  • Age group
  • Approximate number of kids

Priority: Classes with 5 or more children will have priority over smaller classes and private lessons. Classes that ran with us in the fall and winter will be given priority over new groups. After that, class will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

New teachers have been added, giving us more availability to accommodate your needs. However, some teachers only work with select age groups, and not all teachers are available at all times or days.

If you don't get the class booking that you want, check our schedule with Greenburgh Parks & Recreation. We have classes running there for all age groups throughout the year.

Available class times for summer:


Host Family Requirements

  • Outdoor space or a well-ventilated room that is big enough for children to be 6-feet apart.
  • Tables and chairs for students and the teacher or adequate floor space/patio for students to sit and work.
  • For outdoor only classes, please let us know if you have a place where children can work in the event of bad weather, like a garage, porch, or other well-ventilated room. If that is not possible, we will do online classes on rainy days or reschedule.
  • A designated bathroom for students and teacher to use.
  • Water for brushes and to wash hands.
  • If any member of the host family has symptoms of COVID, tests positive for COVID, you must inform Young at Art immediately. All students will be notified, and classes will be cancelled until the CDC-recommended period of quarantine has passed. Classes will be rescheduled if possible or a refund for the missed classes will be made to all students.

Dress for Mess

Have your child wear clothing you don't mind getting messy. You can bring a smock or oversized shirt to wear. Be prepared with a change of clothing if you need to go somewhere after class. We will use paint!

COVID Precautions

The YAA teacher will wear a mask at all times. He or she will check his/her temperature before each class. He or she will wash his/her hands or use hand sanitizer as frequently as possible. Whenever possible, the teacher will maintain a distance of 6-feet or more from students.

All materials are sanitized between usage. Whenever possible, supplies will not be shared among students, unless they are siblings. When supplies are being shared the teacher will require children to use hand sanitizer.

The teacher will cancel class if he or she has any symptoms of COVID or has been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. If a teacher or someone in his/her household tests positive for COVID, all families will be notified, and the teacher will quarantine for the number of days required by the CDC.

For classes held inside, we require that all students wear masks. For outdoor classes, we do not require that students wear masks, but we prefer it. It is up to the host family to decide if the children must wear masks at their home. We will encourage students to maintain a distance of 6-feet from each other whenever possible, unless they are siblings.

If your child is ill or has any symptoms of COVID, do not send them to class until all symptoms are gone. If your child or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID or they have come in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID, do not send your child to class until they are clear of all symptoms and have been quarantined for the recommended number of days by the CDC.

If any member of the host family has symptoms of COVID, or tested positive for COVID, you must inform Young at Art immediately. All students will be notified, and classes will be cancelled until the CDC recommended period of quarantine has passed. Classes will be rescheduled if possible or a refund for the missed classes will be made to all students.

Class Cancellations

If a class must be cancelled due to bad weather, illness, or any other reason, the teacher will attempt to find another date and time to reschedule the in-person class. If that is not possible, the teacher will do an online class for the students at the end of the pre-scheduled dates. If the class cannot be rescheduled in person or online, a refund or credit will be made for the cost of the class or classes missed.


Payment in full for the dates of all the classes reserved must be made in order to hold those dates. Each family will be invoiced by Young at Art for their child. Email invoices have a link to pay by credit card or bank transfer. A 3% processing fee is applied. You may also pay by check, which does not require a processing fee. Checks should be made payable to Young at Art Studio, Inc. Email for the correct mailing address. Our studio has permanently closed.

Discounts - we offer a sibling discount of 15% off the total bill when siblings are enrolled in classes at the same time. The discount is not available for private lessons or in-person classes with 3 or fewer students. It is available for all online classes and workshops. It cannot be used for cousins.

Refunds, Make Ups, and Credits

If a child misses a pre-paid class for any reason, we will provide that family a credit or refund for the missed class. Refunds/credits must be requested via email within 4 weeks of the date the class was missed. Refunds and credits for missed classes can only be made once in a 6-month period. Refunds/credits can be shared by members of the same household.

If a child misses an in-person class or classes because he or she has tested positive for COVID or a member of their household has, a full refund for all missed classes will be issued.

Make up classes are only scheduled if a class was cancelled, and the teacher is able to reschedule the class at a time that is suitable for all students. Make ups cannot be done for individuals who have missed a class, as each class is unique and has preset lesson plans for that group.

If YAA closes and is unable to continue offering classes in person and online, for any reason, it may not honor any credit, make ups, or refunds that are owed. We will do our best to issue refund checks in a timely manner and schedule make up classes quickly to avoid this from happening.

Liability Release

By attending classes, workshops, or birthday parties run by Young at Art Studio Inc, either in person or online, you are doing so at your own risk and you waive any and all liability on the part of Young at Art Studio Inc. for injury, illness, death, loss of property, or any other form of loss.

Email Jen at or call 914-723-9229 to book a class or learn more about our in-person class options.