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Winter Break project descriptions

Winter Break - December 27-29, 2017

Wed 12/27 Thurs 12/28 Fri 12/29
10:00-12:00 3-5-year-olds, drop off Gingerbread Houses Stained Glass Cut Paper Art inspired by Matisse
1:00-3:00 Grades K-4, drop off Gingerbread Houses Stained Glass Cut Paper Art inspired by Matisse

Project Descriptions

Gingerbread Houses

This project is not edible. We will be making faux gingerbread houses out of cardboard. The children will collage the houses with various materials that resemble candy, like plastic tiles, beads, buttons, straws, pipe cleaners, and model magic. It will all be held together with glue "frosting". We will also make faux cookies with play dough.

Stained Glass

Children will make art that looks like stained glass. We will use cellophane, tissue paper, and frames to make artwork they can hang in the window. We will also making paintings using masking tape to create negative space, so our paintings have a stained glass look to them.

Cut Paper Art inspired by Matisse

Matisse often made art reminiscent of botanical life. In this class, the children will cut paper into botanical shapes and arrange them into their own design on paper. We will also create paintings using natural botanical materials, like pine needles, leaves, natural sponges, and pine cones, as our "brushes". Children will experiment these new brushes to see what patterns they create and how different objects apply paint differently.