More than just an art class.

Multimedia Art with Melissa for Grades 1-2

Cut strips of colored paper
White paper for painting
Tempera paint
Watercolor paint
Tacky glue or Elmer's glue
Glue stick
Piece of cardboard about the size of a piece of paper - needed for 7/8
Black oil pastel (cray pas) or black crayon - needed for 7/15
Various items to use in painting, such as plastic bottle, bottle caps, q-tips, cardboard paper towel roll or toilet paper roll, cotton balls, sponges, etc. - needed for 7/22
Mask made from paper pulp - needed for 7/29
Collaging materials for mask: beads, buttons, feathers, jewels, etc.

Masks - make sure they are made from paper pulp. Buy at:
School Specialty Decorative Papier-Mache Art Mask, 8x6x3 in, White - 464381