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February Break project descriptions

February Break - February 19-23, 2018

Mon 2/19 Tues 2/20 Wed 2/21 Thurs 2/22 Fri 2/23
10:00-12:00 3-5-year-olds, drop off Free Paint & Clay Watercolors Art Robots Mondrian-inspired Art Silly Sandwich Art
1:00-3:00 Grades K-4, drop off Free Paint & Clay Watercolors Art Robots Mondrian-inspired Art Optical Illusions

Project Descriptions

Free Paint & Clay

Children will enjoy paint mixing, splatter painting, stamping, and creating fun textures with paint. After snack we will use playdoh, clay, or model magic.


In this class, the children will experiment with watercolors. We will do watercolor blow art using straws and drawing on the paintings we create. We will make "splash" paintings by throwing paint soaked pom-poms onto paper. We will experiment with watercolor resist using oil pastels and painting onto of our drawings.

Art Robots

Children will make robot puppets with moving arms and legs or other robot parts. The puppets will be made out of thin cardboard. The children will design the look of their robot and decorate it with wires, buttons, all kinds of found objects. The robots will also have working lights!

Mondrian-inspired Art

In this class, we will learn about Mondrian and experiment using his techniques. Using primary colors, black, and white, children will paint and collage a beautiful piece of art.

Silly Sandwich Art

Children will create an amazing and fun piece of mixed media art in this class. We will use a variety of materials and textures to make an collage on paper of an oversized delectable sandwich. We will also use play dough to make mini-sandwiches. No painting in this class.

Optical Illusions

This is a drawing class. Students will learn the art of optical illusions, using pencils and markers. We will draw objects that appear to rise off the paper. We will explore shading as a way to trick the eyes and make drawings seem to come alive.