More than just an art class.

Custom Online Classes

Create customized virtual classes for your child and their friends (or you and your friends).

Gather a group of your child's friends and create a private online class that will be held via Zoom. You may choose if you want the class to focus on painting, drawing, collaging, 3D artwork, or a variety of art techniques like our typical classes.

Prices are $30 per student per class with a minimum of 4 students. Each family will need to buy the supplies necessary for each class. Groups can be anywhere from 4-16 students. Each group must run for a minimum of 6 classes to create a customized class.

A group can have any start date and end date, as long as there is a teacher available. Our teachers' schedules fill up quickly, so reserve a class time and day early. You may need to book a teacher 2 months in advance to get the time that you want.

Email Jen at with days and times that you are interested in and details about your class.