More than just an art class.

Creative Art for 3-5-year-olds

Creative Art

Children expand upon their knowledge of shapes, color, and color mixing and learn new ways to put shapes together. They experiment with paint, watercolors, cray pas, markers, clay, paper, wood, glue, and collaging materials. They learn about texture, size, balance, two- and three-dimensionality, parts of the body and face, negative space, moving images, and placing objects within a landscape or pattern. Fine motor skills are honed in each class. Large group projects, such as murals, teach sharing and collaboration. Children also learn to make choices, contribute ideas, and follow directions. 

The children work on fun, colorful art projects that they can enjoy and often play with for years to come. Projects take 2-4 weeks to complete and may include a giant pizza, hanging mobiles, paper collages, drums, and puppets. New projects are introduced each year and no project is repeated for at least 2-3 years. Each class includes a snack and story or movement activity.


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