More than just an art class.

Summer 2019 Camps & Classes

Summer 2019

Please click on an age group to learn about what classes, workshops, and camps we are offering this summer:

Mommy/Daddy & Me Classes - 1.5-5-year-olds - click for list of classes

Preschool-Kindergarten Camps & Workshops - 3.5-5-year-olds - click for full schedule

Daily Workshops - 6-9-year-olds - click for full schedule


Our camps and workshops are offered all summer, right up to the first day of school.

To register email or call 914-723-9229.

We have no minimum number of days or weeks (except if you sign up for a 3-day camp, you must sign up for all 3 days.). Sign up only for the days or weeks you wish to attend.

Maximum enrollment for each camp, class, or workshop is 12 children, with a student-teacher ratio of 6:1.