Nurturing creativity without boundaries for over 35 years. We offer art classes for children from age 2 to 18.

Class Descriptions

Art, Sensory Play, & Movement for 1-2-year-olds

This is a mommy/daddy and me class. A caregiver is required to participate. Children explore age-appropriate and nontoxic media, such as paint, glue, paper, crayons, stickers, and markers. Colors and shapes are introduced. Sensory play is a part of every class with play dough, sand, water, textured materials, or digging for treasure. Music and movement are woven throughout the program with dancing, obstacle courses, balls, and games. Each class ends with a snack and story.

Art Exploration for 2-3-year-olds

This is a mommy/daddy and me class. A caregiver is required to participate. Children are introduced to the elements of art by learning shape and color recognition and color mixing. It is a multi-sensory experience as children explore a wide-variety of age-appropriate and nontoxic media. They develop fine motor skills by painting, drawing, squeezing glue, stringing beads, peeling stickers, cutting, collaging, stamping, and using clay. The artwork children make with their grownups is large, colorful, and joyful. Each class includes a music and movement activity, a snack, and story.

Yoga Art for 2-3-year-olds

This is a toddler and me class; a caregiver is required to participate. Children must be steady walkers to join this class. Topsy Turvy Yogi instructors Diana and Jessica lead the first 30-45 minutes of class, where children act out a story through yoga poses, yoga games, and breathing exercises. Each class is centered on a theme such as pirates, sea creatures, superheroes, knights and princesses, or jungle explorers. Classes are playful and fun, and no two classes are alike. After the yoga activity, the children tap into their creative spirit through painting, drawing, cutting, collaging, stamping, or molding with clay. Snack is provided. To learn more about Topsy Turvy Yogi visit

Creative Art for 3-5-year-olds

This class is offered as a mommy/daddy and me class or drop off. Children expand upon their knowledge of shapes, color, and color mixing and learn new ways to put shapes together. They experiment with paint, watercolors, cray pas, markers, clay, paper, wood, glue, and collaging materials. They learn about texture, size, balance, two- and three-dimensionality, parts of the body and face, negative space, moving images, and placing objects within a landscape or pattern. Fine motor skills are honed in each class. Large group projects, such as murals, teach sharing and collaboration. Children also learn to make personal choices, contribute ideas, and follow directions. Each class includes a snack and story or activity.

Creative Art for Grades K-1

This is a mixed media class with a focus on three-dimensional, multi-layered projects that teach the elements of fine art. Children experiment with paint, pencils, charcoals, pastels, cray pas, water colors, collage, clay, paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, and other media. Art concepts explored include line variations, parts of the whole, balance, construction, and color mixing. Large group projects, such as making a road map, teach collaboration. Children learn to make personal choices, contribute ideas, and work independently. Self-esteem is increased as each child is taught to embrace their inner artistic nature and create in their own unique way. Each class includes a snack and story or activity.

Art Techniques for Grades 2-4

Students are introduced to a variety of techniques in this class, including but not limited to abstract and realistic painting, pointillism, cubism, impressionism, pop art, sketching instruction, still life, portraiture,  observational drawing, diagramming face parts, mixing “values” of a color, contour drawing, patterns, positive and negative space, and spatial relations. New projects are introduced each year and no project is repeated for at least 2-3 years. Complex, long-term projects teach planning skills. Children learn to brainstorm and follow the path from idea generation through final expression. Children learn about techniques used by well known artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Warhol, Keith Haring, and Georgia O’Keefe, and little known artists. Each class includes a snack, group discussion, and exploration of related literature.

Animation & Comic Book Making for Grades 2-6

Students in this class will create both individual and collaborative works. The class starts with an introduction to the Japanese style of cartooning and animation called Manga and Anime. The art of storytelling is explored, using both words and pictures or just images alone. Students receive drawing instruction, focused on both characters and settings. They work in pencil, pastels, watercolor, and other media. They create a full color comic using mixed media. Animation is taught in the traditional method of drawing each frame, and then their work is made into a short clip they can share with family and friends.

Mixed Media Sculpture for Grades 5-10

Students use mixed media and repurposed objects to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork. Students learn to problem solve and construct complex sculptures, often with lighting or moving parts. 3D artwork is created using cardboard, clay, wire, paper, paper mache, plaster, wood, fabric, and other materials. They learn a variety of art techniques, such as printmaking, relief printing, working with metal, abstract and realistic art, pop art, kinetic art, and one-point perspective. Projects often are inspired by contemporary artists. Projects are usually on a large scale and take several weeks to complete. Pizza is offered during class each week.

Painting & Sketching for Grades 5-10

Students work on their ability to create three-dimensional form in two-dimensional artwork on canvas, paper, or wood. They learn how to manipulate line, shape, color, space, and texture, in order to render realistic objects and scenes. Students discover compositional strategies and ways of analyzing their artistic choices so that they may become more aware of their own creative process and develop the skills necessary to produce thoughtful, personal artwork. Students create pieces for a professional portfolio that can be used for college admissions. Pizza is offered during class each week.

Portfolio Development for Grades 8-12

This class is an open studio concept for students who want to work on their portfolio for admission to college or another institution. The instructor gives each student individual attention and guidance on building their portfolio and working on pieces of their choice. Instruction is offered for a variety of art techniques, including but not limited to still life, portraits, abstract, and fantasy. Pizza is offered during class each week.

Animé & Manga for Grades 5-10

Students are introduced to the Japanese art of Animé and Manga. They learn to draw Animé-style faces, expressions, anatomy, figures in motion, body language, costumes, background, and settings. Students’ knowledge of perspective, scale, and proportion is enhanced. They are taught shading and shadow. Students are encouraged to develop storylines for characters they create, and if desired, work on a graphic novel of their own. Pizza is offered during class each week.

Photography for Grades 5-10

Students learn the basics of photography, while exploring the concepts of nature, shadow, lighting, movement, and more. Students develop pictures on different media rather simply photo paper to create unique works of art. Requirements: a smart phone and an Instagram account. Each class includes pizza and review of well-known photographers.